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AP5213 - $22.50
Colorful reproduction of the world-famous “dinosaur mural” displayed in the Peabody Museum of Natural History-a remarkable piece of work from both the artistic and scientific points of view. This unique panorama of ancient life is a “sweep through...
AP5226 - $45.00
Get a different perspective of our world with this unique Mercator projection map! Colorful waters catch your eye foremost and play center stage while the land areas form the background with their neutral, muted tones. The brilliant colors on this...
AP5229 - $92.50
Imagine our world's ocean floor-with no water! This full-color Mercator projection provides an accurate and up-to-date representation of the ocean floor landscape-shown in dramatic relief. Small labels on this physiographic map identify abyssal plains,...
AP5199 - $62.35
Volcanic activity, earthquakes, flooding-relate dynamic forces such as these to the origin of continents, ocean basins, mountain ranges, and the processes of plate tectonics and sea floor spreading! This detailed chart features actual specimens of...
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