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FB1128 - $82.15
12 key structures of an animal cell are illustrated with this large, colorful, cross-sectional model. The protective transparent cover can be removed for easy viewing of the inside of the cell, while still maintaining the three-dimensional focus of...
FB0544 - $143.45
A detailed and colorful three-dimensional relief model of earthworm anatomy-ideal to enhance and reinforce dissections and animal kingdom surveys. Internal anatomy and major organs are revealed by a cutaway view of the first 22 segments. External anatomy-including...
FB1146 - $544.15
More than 150 labeled structures make studying frog anatomy a breeze. The large size and detailed, three-dimensional structure is constructed of a molded non-breakable vinyl plastic. The bullfrog model can be easily handled or can be rotated on its...
FB1370 - $78.65
Colorful teaching model designed specifically to withstand student hands-on use. This model is made of resilient, non-toxic, damage-proof EVA foam that will withstand years of active investigation. A detailed teacher's guide includes five inquiry-based...
FB0050 - $143.45
Large, 18" x 24" model in dramatic, three-dimensional relief. Shows detailed dissections of both dorsal and ventral aspects with an expanded, detailed inset of the amphibian three-chambered heart. Abdominal organs are reflected to either...
FB1674 - $163.95
At last, an economical, yet expertly detailed, model of the internal structure of the frog. This large, accurately colored model will be an excellent student reference during their frog dissection laboratory. Perfect for use during lab introduction,...
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