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ML1217 - $7.15
c.s. Earthworm, section posterior to clitellum.
ML1218 - $9.15
c.s. Selected to show whole setae or portions of setae exiting body wall.
ML1220 - $7.95
c.s. Section to show nephridiopore and portions of nephridium (excretory structure).
ML1221 - $8.15
c.s. Composite, sections through two regions: one through intestinal region, the other showing seminal vesicles and esophagus.
ML1222 - $8.20
c.s. Composite, sections through three regions showing spermary, clitellum and posterior to clitellum.
ML1224 - $5.90
c.s. Section through the body of the worm.
ML1225 - $5.75
w.m. Preparation of representative Hirudinean.
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