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AP6467 - $22.80
Demonstrate simple electrolysis in a very colorful and dramatic way on your overhead projector. A 9-V battery supplies the power and universal indicator provides the color show. As electrolysis occurs in the Petri dish, the pH changes at the anode...
AP7279 - $28.75
Students reading a “Caution: Keep away from water!” notice on an electrical appliance may assume all water conducts electricity. Clear up their misconception with this easy-to-assemble conductivity tester that uses a piezoelectric buzzer and emits...
AP7325 - $68.25
The course description for the College Board AP Chemistry lists the following topics for electrochemistry: electrolytic and galvanic cells, Faraday’s law, standard half-cell potentials, Nernst equation, and prediction of the direction of redox reactions....
AP7312 - $37.50
Get a charge out of writing with electricity! Demonstrate the key concepts of electrochemistry, including anodic and cathodic reactions, by using a copper “pen” to follow the flow of electrons in the electrolysis of aqueous potassium iodide. Students...
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