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AP6493 - $26.75
A safe and reliable charge transfer apparatus for your electrostatic experiments. Demonstrate laws of electrostatic induction, generate and store large electrostatic charges, and effectively transfer charges with this classic device. Simply rub the...
AP5639 - $17.05
It's magic! Students love to see pith balls be repulsed and attracted during your electrostatic magic show. You will remove the magic, however, as your students develop an understanding of the electrostatic principles involved. The stand is made with...
AP5640 - $43.65
This sturdy aluminum-cased electroscope will provide years of dependable “see-through” demonstrations. The aluminum case has front and rear glass windows for easy viewing. The square design keeps the foil leaves further from the side of...
AP6328 - $24.15
You'll be shocked by how well this simple, do-it-yourself electroscope works! Large, aluminum-covered foam ball stores static-electric charge better than most commercial electroscopes. A variety of simple electrostatic demonstrations can be performed...
AP7150 - $19.55
Ready to use! Simply hang two pieces of foil from the hook and insert into the flask. This economical electroscope will function precisely for all your student electrostatic investigations, or as a teacher demonstration. Includes Teacher Notes, a reproducible...
AP9228 - $38.20
Quantitatively measure electric charges with this easy-to-use electroscope. Study insulators, conductors, and the photoelectric effect. The electroscope works by inducing a charge onto the zinc charging plate; the armature is then deflected by an amount...
AP9026 - $24.85
Demonstrate static electricity using a variety of easy-to-use materials. Kit contains three friction rods and pads (silk, flannel, and fur) for creating friction, three balloons, and 10 feet of string. Complete instructions for use are provided.
AP7029 - $131.70
Teach the basic principles of electrostatics using this comprehensive, all-in-one kit that contains all the equipment needed for five demonstrations! • Charging a Flask Form Electroscope—Verify the existence and properties of static electric charge....
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