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AP5751 - $179.25
A large, endstop-mounted, ball-bearing pulley which sends glider motion to a computer for recording and data processing. The spokes on the pulley are viewed by a reflection photogate whose output can be recorded by popular computer input modules. For...
AP5698 - $637.95
Transform your demonstration table into a learning center every student can see! This comprehensive kit contains everything you need to demonstrate all the major principles associated with pulleys. The ring stands, frame bars and clamps make for a...
AP6036 - $14.50
High strength, low stretch braided pulley cord.
AP6943 - $6.90
This affordable pulley with rod is an excellent choice for those simple pulley demonstrations that do not require high precision. Sturdy construction will last for years. Clamps to a support stand with Clamp Holder (AP8219). Pulley diameter is 1 1/2";...
AP9330 - $4.60
High strength, low stretch braided pulley cord.
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