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AP6300 - $79.90
What is acid rain and how does it affect nature? In this experiment, rain solutions of varying pH will be placed on plant seedlings. The harmful effects of acid rain are dramatic! Students will gain in-depth knowledge of what acid rain is, how it forms...
AP5039 - $67.30
Heighten your students' awareness of acid rain with this complete field study kit. Students collect rain samples and test the pH either out in the field or in the lab. Water samples from local streams, lakes, or ponds can also be tested for acidity....
AB1118 - $84.80
How does the air look, smell, taste and feel in your community? Expand your students' knowledge about the quality of the air they breathe! In this kit, students are introduced to common types of air pollution. Air quality tests are performed for particulate...
FB0023 - $41.55
Authoritative interviews, on-location footage, and computer animation come together in a clear presentation of the causes and consequences of acid rain. The effects of increased acidity on forests, lakes and the human environment are plainly and dramatically...
FB0410 - $205.95
A dynamically interactive classroom learning experience incorporating several hands-on activities. Students will measure the pH of water samples, investigate acid rain effects on plants and soils, create acid rain posters, chart the path of acid rain...
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