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FB0249 - $8.75
Ammo-Lock® will remove the two chemicals most commonly used to treat municipal water supplies-chlorine and chloramine-both of which are highly toxic to fish and invertebrates. Ammo-Lock® will also convert ammonia produced by fish waste to a...
FB0250 - $9.15
Stress Coat® with aloe vera. Use it at any time fish are subjected to thermal, chemical or environmental stress-when setting up the tank, after water changes, when adding new fish, after medicating, and when injury or disease are evident. Stress...
FB0260 - $13.95
A clear, 100% silicone rubber sealant formulated specifically for freshwater and marine aquariums. Formulation is completely non-toxic to fish, plants and invertebrates. Use it to repair leaks, strengthen bonds, or to construct your own tanks. For...
FB1945 - $14.90
Control algae growth in your classroom aquarium with this freshwater treatment. Formulated for use in freshwater aquariums and ponds that contain live plants and fish.
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