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FB0762 - $195.50
An indispensable study aid, this durable model is enlarged to five times life-size. The hand-painted, full-color model is easy to take apart and reassemble so all aspects of internal and external anatomy can be closely studied. Removable parts include...
FB1099 - $70.00
Help make the structure of the eye more understandable for your students. The low cost eye model is oversized, hand painted in full color, anatomically correct, and priced well below any other eye model of its quality. The cornea and lens are both...
FB0763 - $342.35
Enlarged to over four times life-size, this model shows the human eye in relation to the bony orbit, the optic nerve and the muscles controlling eye movement. The removable eyeball dissects into six parts: upper and lower halves of the sclera, forward...
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