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OB1030 - $335.90
Offering high precision with remarkable value. The three-point base, special floating bearing principle, and beam design on these balances eliminates the need for level adjustment. Zeroing is quickly achieved by means of a counterbalancing knob at...
OB1035 - $303.90
This low form, magnetically damped balance has a direct reading dial. Weights are easily loaded; attachment weight set sold separately. Five-year warranty. Capacity with weight attachments: 2610 gCapacity without weight attachments: 610 gSensitivity: 0.1...
OB1040 - $165.95
Our most popular balance! The same top-quality balance you used in high school. Includes a large 15 cm diameter stainless steel pan, and a balance mechanism that is magnetically damped to allow quick readings. An attachment weight set (see OB1065)...
OB2098 - $111.20
Finally, a low-cost, reliable, mechanical balance. Provides the convenience of a top loader yet retains the ruggedness needed for a variety of lab work. Tiered beam visibility combined with zero adjust results in fast weighing performance and reduced...
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