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AP1506 - $40.65
Science teachers report that storing, transporting and dispensing thermometers to students is a problem that needs a solution. A science teacher created this rack aimed at solving that problem. The rack measures approximately 12 1/2" long x 12"...
AP5408 - $16.45
This convenient polypropylene thermometer holder clips onto the edge of a beaker or other container and holds a thermometer vertically for safe, accurate reading. The thermometer is held in place by an expandable ring that accepts 3.2-mm to 11-mm diameter...
AP5996 - $41.45
Safely storing thermometers in an upright position will prevent the thermometer column from separating. This heavy-duty polypropylene storage rack will hold a class set of 25 thermometers. Two carrying handles are provided for easy transport to and...
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