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AP1627 - $28.95
Large, 12" diameter, easy-to-read instrument that can be mounted either indoors or out. These thermometers have 1 1/4" outside figures which can be read from across the laboratory. The instrument is accurate to within ±2º. Thermometer is...
AP5063 - $10.70
Monitor both indoor and outdoor temperature readings from within the warmth of your classroom. Thermometer graduations are large and easy to read. Installation is quick and simple. Wall mounted. Size: 6 x 22 cm.
AP5064 - $19.50
Measure indoor and outdoor temperature as well as indoor humidity in this self-contained combination unit. Both instruments have large, easy-to-read graduations. Installation can be completed in minutes. Wall mounted. Size: 24 x 6 cm.
FB1150 - $85.60
Dual-purpose instrument measures relative humidity and air temperature values at the same time! The easy-to-use Thermo-Hygrometer provides accurate readings right at your fingertips. Features include: • Easy to read digital display with large numbers....
AP7462 - $44.10
Easy to read, easy to program, and affordable. Data updates every 4 seconds giving you an accurate weather picture. Displays both outside and inside temperatures as well as a min/max temperature that can be reset at the touch of a button. Weather forecasting...
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