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AP6880 - $23.00
Have you ever seen a figure-8 pattern on a globe and wondered what it was? This figure, known as an analemma, represents the path the Sun makes in the sky in a year's time. Using this ingenious activity, your class will measure and map the Sun's angle...
AP5147 - $78.10
View the Earth's interior and its atmosphere with this brilliant white relief model. Globe opens at the equator to reveal a colorful, cutaway slice of the Earth's atmosphere, crust, mantle, and core. Removable disk details distances, temperatures,...
AP5152 - $45.55
This working Earth model allows students to determine the circumference of the Earth, observe the movement of the sun, and measure the volume of the Earth and each of its interior zones. An instruction sheet with procedures for three lab activities...
AP7214 - $58.20
Write on and wipe off! The dry-erase-markable, surface is perfect for tracing ocean currents, plate boundaries, weather fronts, transportation or trade routes-you name it! Continents, political boundaries are preprinted in black and rivers are preprinted...
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