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AP9219 - $21.65
Observe and measure periodic motion. Constructed of quality hardboard with a wooden handle and a low friction pivot. Diameter is 25 cm with three rows of 12, 6, or 3 slots. Three different strobe frequencies can be viewed with the same rotational speed....
AP5720 - $677.55
Speed adjustment of this xenon flashlamp stroboscope is a snap due to its instantly-responding LED display. The main speed and vernier (fine-adjustment) allows you to fine-tune your flash rate to .1/second! (±.08 flashes/second). The output is adjustable...
AP6394 - $271.55
Determine the speed of a spinning fan blade. Make a vibrating string appear at rest. Conclusively show interference patterns in a ripple tank. These experiments and more are possible using this durable and affordable hand-held stroboscope. Use the...
AP7772 - $25.50
How do photographers “freeze motion” to capture the perfect action photo? Explore the mystery of “freezing time” with this affordable and portable stroboscope. Investigate how rotating objects appear to stop moving or switch directions under a flashing...
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