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ML1197 - $5.20
w.m. Carbon “injected” to enhance visibility of digestive tract.
ML1199 - $7.80
w.m. Composite, injected and non-injected on one slide.
ML1200 - $7.85
c.s. Composite of sections through three regions including pharynx and intestinal regions-on one slide.
ML1202 - $17.70
w.m. Outstanding preparation of the Oriental liver fluke, internal anatomy is clearly visible.
ML1203 - $11.05
w.m. Preparation of the sheep liver fluke.
ML1204 - $10.40
sec. Section of mammalian liver infected with eggs.
ML1205 - $39.90
w.m. Scolex, immature, mature, and gravid proglottids.
ML1206 - $10.55
w.m. Mature and gravid proglottids only.
ML1207 - $26.40
w.m. Composite slide of the dog tapeworm to show scolex, immature, mature, and gravid proglottids.
ML1410 - $41.25
The five slides chosen for this set will allow students to compare and contrast the body plans of flatworms (acoelomate) and roundworms (pseudocoelomate). They can also examine relative adaptations to parasitic vs. free-living existance within groups....
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