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AP6600 - $38.55
Constellations are groups of stars in the shapes of mythical heroes, kings, queens, monsters, and gods. Introduce your students to four of the most famous constellations-the Gemini Twins, Orion the Great Hunter, Leo the Lion, and Ursa Major-the Great...
AP6739 - $10.65
Why does the Moon appear to have different shapes that repeat on a monthly cycle? What do the terms waxing and waning mean? In this activity, students will be given lunar and solar longitude data and map the orbit of the Moon for a full month's time!...
AP7326 - $45.40
Let students see for themselves the difference between a circle and the elliptical path a planet follows as it orbits the Sun. In this hands-on activity, students construct ellipses and then explore the shape of a planet’s orbit as they investigate...
AP7676 - $61.25
Gaze at a full moon on a clear night and you’ll notice circular features that can easily be seen. These circular impact craters were created on the moon by space debris striking the surface. In this activity, students study crater formation and explore...
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