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AP6049 - $25.05
No more worries about broken thermometers or spilled mercury! Now you can get a safer alternative that won't bust your budget-the Flinn digital pocket thermometer! Our new digital thermometer is compact, waterproof, and easy to use. The shorter-length...
AP8559 - $36.65
This hand-held, easy-to-read digital thermometer is ideal for monitoring temperature changes in liquids and semi-solids-and it avoids the hazards of using mercury thermometers in your classroom! Removable, 12 cm stainless steel probe allows for a measurement...
AP8716 - $32.15
If you want precision in your temperature readings, the Flinn digital electronic thermometer is the way to go. Readings are much more precise and can be taken faster since students can see the digital temperature read-out at a glance-no more struggling...
FB1150 - $85.60
Dual-purpose instrument measures relative humidity and air temperature values at the same time! The easy-to-use Thermo-Hygrometer provides accurate readings right at your fingertips. Features include: • Easy to read digital display with large numbers....
FB1166 - $39.80
This digital “mini-monitor” makes collecting basic temperature and humidity data easy. Features include: • Three large LCDs display temperature, humidity, and time. • Provides maximum/mi
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