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AP6172 - $43.75
Shed light on the concept of color perception with this overhead projector demonstration. Why are some objects blue and others red? Does a color filter actually change white light into colored light? What color is seen when blue and yellow light are...
AP6162 - $11.10
What is color? Why do we see different colors? Demonstrate and explain to students why objects look the color they do using these three highly visible color wheels and a centrifuge device! A two-colored wheel is placed on the centrifuge device and...
AP6712 - $33.40
How does a rainbow of colors turn white? Clearly demonstrate that white light is composed of all the colors of the rainbow. This 23-cm diameter sturdy plastic color wheel comes with a plastic handle that attaches to the center of the wheel. Start the...
AP6843 - $15.30
Challenge your students' sense of sight by saturating their cone cells! After focusing on an “oddly-colored” image for one minute; students will be amazed at what they “see” when they look down at a sheet of white paper. The colors magically change...
AP7262 - $22.10
Finally an easy way to combine the primary colors of light! Many people have seen white light dispersed into a spectrum after it has passed through a prism, but few have observed different colors of light combined to make white light. In this teacher-led...
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