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AP7005 - $27.60
Create a realistic Forensic experience in your classroom!
AP7008 - $22.70
Create a realistic Forensic experience in your classroom!
AP7083 - $16.70
Create a realistic Forensic experience in your classroom!
AP7084 - $13.25
Create a realistic Forensic experience in your classroom!
AP7202 - $22.65
Create a realistic Forensic experience in your classroom!
AP7754 - $23.05
Make a permanent impression! Features a self-contained, pre-measured water capsule and dental stone mixture in a single, heavy-duty plastic pouch. Very easy to use with no messy clean-up! Simply apply pressure to break the water capsule, and then shake...
AP7755 - $14.30
Quickly make a footwear impression without damaging or contaminating the footwear! Special high-density foam captures extremely fine detail. Packaged in a self-storing cardboard container. Use with the Shake-N-Cast™ Impression Kit (Catalog No. AP7754)...
AP7756 - $21.40
Quick-drying, clear acrylic formula adds strength to an impression—lessening the chance of damage to the detail due to the weight of the casting material. Spray a thin coating on the print you wish to cast. 15-oz is enough for 30 full-size, adult shoe...
AP7763 - $13.25
Capture the most accurate and highest level of detail with magnetic fingerprint powder! Where regular fingerprint powders need to use a brush, magnetic fingerprint powder is applied with a special magnetic powder applicator (Catalog No. AP7764 available...
AP7764 - $17.95
Ideal for precision dusting of small to medium surface areas. Features a narrow magnet to fit any size powder container. Use with magnetic fingerprint powder, available separately (Catalog No. AP7763).
AP7814 - $33.30
Do you find that some students’ fingers do not produce distinct fingerprints? The fine details of fingerprints can wear over time from simply using ones hands. Lansberry's Ridge Developer is a unique solution that will bring excellent definition and...
AP7858 - $27.50
Detection paste is a handy means of identifying fingerprints from an object. Use detection paste in situations where powders and powder aerosols are inappropriate due to air circulation, air moisture content or where target object surface condition...
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