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AP1005 - $87.20
Support base will raise the electrically heated autoclave (AP1004) above your laboratory bench top so that no damage is done to the bench top. Made of heavy cast aluminum, this valuable safety device allows air to circulate freely under the very hot...
AP8876 - $32.00
Heat-resistant up to 232 ºC, these all-cotton, terry cloth gloves are excellent for handling hot objects just out of the autoclave. Gauntlets provide wrist and forearm protection against possible steam burns. Machine washable. Glove is 12" long....
FB0062 - $10.40
Apply this tape to media containers, instrument packs or items being sterilized for disposal. At the end of the cycle dark lines appear on the initially uniformly colored tape—indicating that proper conditions (121 ºC, 20 minutes) have been met and...
P0230 - $5.05
Storage: Organic #3Disposal: #26a Shelf Life: IndefiniteSoluble: Many organic solvents; not water.Color: YellowOdor: OdorlessCAS No. 8009-03-8Technica
FB2146 - $36.20
Monitor your autoclave’s performance using bacterial strips! Indicators consist of Bacillus stearothermophilus spores saturated on paper strips, individually placed into envelopes. B. stearothermophilus is a highly resistant, thermophilic species that...
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