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AP6299 - $30.70
Make Avogadro proud by using his law to determine the molar mass of any gas, from helium to sulfur hexaflouride. The gas syringe and sampling apparatus allows you to sample and weigh any pure gas in less than one minute. The molar mass of the gas can...
AP6630 - $43.50
Molecules are moving! What proof is there for this incredible statement, and what factors influence the kinetic energy of moving molecules? Demonstrate the motion of invisible ammonia and hydrochloric acid gas molecules by their colorful reactions...
AP7614 - $108.10
Demonstrating the gas laws to your students has never been easier with this all-in-one Gas Laws Equipment Kit! Materials and instructions are provided to conduct 12 different experiments, including measuring the density or relative molecular masses...
AP7694 - $119.40
Modern chemistry developed as scientists connected results obtained studying different properties of gases. Explore the principles needed for students to build their own “solid” connections with six, best-of-the-best activities—three experiments, two...
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