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AP7036 - $68.80
How are atoms arranged in a metallic solid and in an ionic compound? Are the arrangements of atoms random or is there a “system” to it with regular “repeating units? In this two-part lab, students will build models of the three cubic crystal lattice...
AP5948 - $36.05
Why do road crews spread salt on the roads in the winter? Is one salt better than another to melt snow and ice? Discuss colligative properties as students determine the effect of dissolved impurities on the freezing point of a substance and compare...
AP6886 - $26.70
It seems counterintuitive—when freezing weather is predicted, orange growers spray the trees with water to prevent the fruit from freezing! The water actually releases heat when it solidifies. The purpose of this experiment is to investigate the solid–liquid...
AP6930 - $50.50
The forces that act between molecules play a significant role in many aspects of chemistry. The boiling point of liquids and the solubility of solids, even the structure of DNA and proteins, all depend on intermolecular forces. This activity consists...
AP9114 - $34.75
Melting point determination is one of the most common analytical tests used to identify unknown substances. In this introductory kit, students investigate the melting points of four non-toxic pure substances. Kit includes capillary melting point tubes,...
AP7702 - $46.90
The properties of solids, liquids, and solutions let us see inside the world of atoms and molecules—to understand the motion of molecules and to compare their interactions. Discover the interrelationships that lead to this type of “solid” understanding...
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