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AP5107 - $346.60
As fossil fuels become more expensive and as we become more aware of their harmful effects on the environment, alternative forms of energy increase in interest. This wind generator is a mini-research unit on wind power and windmill design. The unit...
AP7468 - $46.05
Creating power and energy from thin air? You bet! This affordable wind turbine demonstrates how energy can be generated by wind. Easy to assemble, this little-turbine-that-could produces enough electricity to power LED bulbs, a small power output board,...
AP7469 - $135.55
Using this miniature realistic wind turbine, students can evaluate the pitch, or angle, of the blades and then investigate how pitch and number of blades affects power output. Students also learn how the turbine protects itself under strong wind conditions...
AP8051 - $47.75
Capture the energy of the wind and convert it to electricity! Wind farms are a rapidly-growing industry, providing electricity for over 11 million homes and creating tens of thousands of jobs in recent years. In this activity, students investigate...
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