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LM1025 - $13.25
Physarum polycephalum-plasmodium. The active stage of the life cycle, popular for observation of its amoeboid motion and cytoplasmic streaming. Supplied as plate culture on oatmeal agar. A group notable for its unwillingness to be neatly classified....
LM1026 - $13.25
Physarum polycephalum-sclerotia. The dormant stage of the life cycle, can retain its viability up to a year. Supplied as a vial of dried sclerotia on filter paper strips. Easily regenerated to form plasmodia. A group notable for its unwillingness to...
LM1027 - $41.10
Physarum Study Set. Includes both plasmodium and sclerotia as described above, plus: one plate of oatmeal agar (for regenerating sclerotia), one filter paper plate (for inducing sclerotial stage), one small jar of oats for culturing, and complete instructions....
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