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ML1000 - $4.00
w.m. Demonstrate the fundamentals of reversal of direction and image with this simple slide.
ML1001 - $4.75
w.m. Threads of three different colors cross each other in a variety of combinations. An effective means of teaching and practicing the concept of focusing on different “planes” of the slide.
ML1002 - $5.60
w.m. Fibers of cotton, linen, silk and wool.
ML1003 - $4.85
w.m. Human, cat, and sheep fibers for comparison.
ML1004 - $3.65
w.m. A new perspective on an everyday substance. Shows the regularity of crystal structure.
ML1005 - $3.90
w.m. A 1/4" square section to illustrate on a microscopic level the fibrous makeup of paper.
ML1006 - $4.40
section. Examine the gross structure of a representative plant cell.
ML1007 - $5.15
sec. A preparation of liver cells from the Congo eel, Amphiuma.  Cell structure is readily seen under low to medium power. Slides prepared from the tissues of this animal are popular at all skill levels due to the unusually large size of its cells....
ML1008 - $5.10
A preparation of mixed bacteria normally found in the mouth. Gram stain.
ML1009 - $4.20
Various species of free-living bacteria including common decomposers.
ML1010 - $5.90
Mixed smear of cocci, bacilli, and spirilli. Gram stained.
ML1011 - $7.25
Separate smears of the three morphological forms. Gram stained.
ML1012 - $6.60
ML1013 - $7.55
ML1014 - $7.60
ML1015 - $7.60
ML1016 - $6.90
ML1017 - $4.55
Smear preparation from culture. The common and occasionally pathogenic endosymbiont.
ML1018 - $6.75
Mixture of free-floating freshwater blue-greens.
ML1019 - $4.55
w.m. Coiled filaments with intercalary heterocysts and akinetes.
ML1020 - $4.50
w.m. Colony-forming cells enclosed in gelatinous sheaths.
ML1022 - $4.40
sec. Section through gelatinous matrix showing colonial filaments with heterocysts.
ML1023 - $4.30
w.m. Portion of nodule showing filaments with intercalary heterocysts.
ML1024 - $4.50
w.m. Unbranched cylindrical filaments.
ML1025 - $4.50
w.m. Distinctive tightly coiled spiral filaments.
ML1426 - $20.45
Build students' fundamental compound microscopy skills using this beautiful slide set. Includes five of the most common introductory slides: newsprint letter “e,” colored threads, natural fibers, three hair types, and salt crystals. See...
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