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FB1865 - $115.55
How are blood pressure, heart rate, and exercise related? What is the baroreceptor response? Explore the human circulatory system's response to exercise in this very “active” student laboratory kit. Engaged students gain experience using a stethoscope...
FB1871 - $23.40
An enlightening “eyes-on” activity to explore and study peripheral vision! Students investigate their own peripheral vision and relate it to the properties of rods and cones. Which photoreceptors detect motion, shapes and colors better? Your students...
FB1872 - $43.50
Four “out of sight” activities that will stay in your students' minds long after they leave the classroom! •  In the first activity, students explore their depth perception skills and discover the advantages of binocular vision. •  Then they...
FB0439 - $86.50
Student interest is always high when the topic of study is their own human body. Students become the test organism as they perform a series of experiments using their own senses. Taste, smell, hearing, sight, and touch are all explored in a series...
FB1942 - $233.20
Red/green color blindness is an inherited condition in which certain colors of red and green cannot be distinguished. In 1917 Dr. Shinobu Ishihara developed a simple and accurate method to test for red/green color deficiency using a pattern of dots...
FB0052 - $102.60
Your students will conduct a multi-faceted investigation into the senses of vision and hearing-perhaps the two most important senses for gathering information. Topics studied include: how a lens affects vision, field of vision, peripheral vision, capturing...
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