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SE232 - $85.00
A single-location metal fixture that provides the source of water and a compartment for cleaning tissues. The tissues are chemically treated to prevent fogging. This antifogging is water-activated. Simply depress the spray water pump and apply water...
AP9033 - $15.60
Provides an affordable, one-stop location for cleaning eyewear lenses. The durable plastic case houses an 8-oz. bottle of antifog/antistatic cleaning solution, 800 4 1/2" x 5" tissues, and a receptacle for waste tissues. Station can be mounted...
SE1000 - $549.95
Designed to meet the demanding needs of your science laboratory. This unique goggle sanitizer has been specifically designed by Flinn Scientific for science teachers. Over 50 science teachers participated in its design. Some of the special features...
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