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AP7162 - $37.60
How do the stretch properties of a rubber band compare to these of a spring? With this hands-on lab, students experiment with these two different elastic materials to determine the relationship between the stretch distance and the force exerted by...
AP6929 - $153.70
With this all-in-one kit, students can study the fundamentals of force and motion! Exciting labs are provided to help reinforce student learning of these important concepts. For example, students study Hooke's law by performing an egg bungee-jump....
AP9209 - $48.40
Measure any acceleration-horizontal or vertical-in units of g with this portable accelerometer. Investigate centripetal acceleration, linear accelerations, Hooke's law, simple harmonic motion, and many more experiments. Perfect for measuring accelerations...
AP6419 - $32.55
Effectively demonstrate spring properties and simple harmonic motion. This multi-purpose spring set is a must-have when teaching students about springs. Combine the high-quality springs in series or parallel and then hang a mass from the uniquely designed...
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