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FB1693 - $55.30
An exciting new look at the structure and function of the human heart is captured in this poster series. The “Heart's Parts” graphically depicts the internal anatomy of the human heart. “Heart Cycles” clearly makes the circulation of blood understandable...
FB1704 - $97.95
With stunning three-dimensional illustrations and detailed internal cutaways, these posters will encourage student study of how the senses work in the human body. Concise text describes the processes involved in sensory reception and interpretation....
FB1709 - $44.20
Four of the human body's major systems are depicted in this striking poster set. The circulatory system, nervous system, digestive system, and respiratory system are all beautifully illustrated. Each system's components are detailed in large close-up...
FB1712 - $20.45
An excellent poster that beautifully summarizes all of the major human body systems. Skeletal, reproductive, muscular, integument, circulatory, immune, respiratory, digestive, urinary, endocrine, and nervous systems are all highlighted in an anatomically...
FB1926 - $16.35
Flex students’ mental muscles with this vivid chart on muscle contraction! Colorful graphics and fundamental text are sure to grab the attention of your students as they discover the role actin, myosin, and ATP play in muscle contraction. Distinctive...
FB1897 - $16.65
Do you know how much iron is in the Earth's crust versus in your body? Bring these “dry” facts to life with this colorful poster showing the relative abundance of the top 20 elements on the Earth and in the human body. Unique teaching-aid poster visually...
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