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AP8679 - $41.95
Turn your Tesla coil into an exciting “hands-on” demonstration. Easy to use...just place an unfrosted incandescent lightbulb into the visualizer socket, attach the visualizer to your Tesla coil, slowly turn up the power and watch as you create spectacular...
AP6761 - $26.95
Electrifying! Transform a simple lightbulb into a glowing, sparking plasma globe while teaching students about important topics such as electric current, electron energy levels, and photon emission. Simply screw a clear lightbulb into the Marekizer...
AP6911 - $36.25
Shocking! Create a safe lightning storm in the comfort of your classroom. The electrically charged base creates colorful arcs across the gas inside the globe. Watch as the electric arcs migrate towards a hand placed on the globe. Use it to teach about...
AP9230 - $61.65
Investigate magnetic fields produced by an electric current. Students observe as a current carrying coiled wire produces a magnetic field perpendicular to the direction of the current. Students learn that the strength of the magnetic field varies with...
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