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ML1236 - $8.70
w.m. Composite, four types of wings on one slide.
ML1237 - $11.85
w.m. Composite, multiple types of legs on one slide.
ML1238 - $9.20
sec. Stained to demonstrate spermatogenesis and spermiogenesis.
ML1239 - $4.40
w.m. The common garden pest.
ML1240 - $8.65
w.m. Pediculus humanis, for morphology.
ML1241 - $8.50
w.m. Male and female, excellent preparation for comparing the secondary sexual characteristics of the ubiquitous fruit fly.
ML1242 - $34.10
smear. Smear from salivary glands of larva. “Giant” chromosomes with characteristic banding pattern.
ML1243 - $8.05
w.m. Female specimen of the all too common pest. Female possesses proboscis used to extract blood-meal.
ML1244 - $5.25
w.m. dog or cat flea.
ML1433 - $8.95
w.m. Young specimen, wet mount.
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