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ML1184 - $4.95
c.s. Section to show arrangement of canal system and location of choanocytes (collar cells).
ML1185 - $6.75
sec. Composite of cross section and longitudinal section to show body and osculum.
ML1186 - $4.70
w.m. Spicules, free of debris.
ML1187 - $8.10
w.m. Portion of a colony of a simple ascon type sponge.
ML1188 - $4.65
w.m. Several types of both calcareous and siliceous spicules.
ML1189 - $5.05
w.m. Specimen to show foot, stalk, and tentacles with nematocysts.
ML1190 - $5.30
c.s. Section to show dermal layers: entoderm, mesoglea, and ectoderm.
ML1191 - $5.55
w.m. To illustrate asexual reproduction.
ML1192 - $9.05
l.s. Near-median longitudinal section through hypostome and foot.
ML1193 - $8.20
l.s. Near-median section of budding specimen.
ML1194 - $9.25
sec. Composite slide of both cross and longitudinal sections.
ML1195 - $6.60
w.m. Portion of hydroid colony to show vegetative and reproductive polyps.
ML1197 - $5.20
w.m. Carbon “injected” to enhance visibility of digestive tract.
ML1199 - $7.80
w.m. Composite, injected and non-injected on one slide.
ML1200 - $7.85
c.s. Composite of sections through three regions including pharynx and intestinal regions-on one slide.
ML1404 - $4.85
c.s. Near-median section of common sea anemone.
ML1202 - $17.70
w.m. Outstanding preparation of the Oriental liver fluke, internal anatomy is clearly visible.
ML1203 - $11.05
w.m. Preparation of the sheep liver fluke.
ML1204 - $10.40
sec. Section of mammalian liver infected with eggs.
ML1205 - $39.90
w.m. Scolex, immature, mature, and gravid proglottids.
ML1206 - $10.55
w.m. Mature and gravid proglottids only.
ML1207 - $26.40
w.m. Composite slide of the dog tapeworm to show scolex, immature, mature, and gravid proglottids.
ML1208 - $7.50
c.s. Parasitic nematode in humans, section through gonads of male.
ML1210 - $12.75
Composite, sections through male and female.
ML1211 - $15.85
sec. Also Parascaris equorum, horse parasite, section through uterus to show meiotic divisions.
ML1213 - $10.00
w.m. Dog hookworm, preparation of female.
ML1215 - $11.00
w.m. Causative agent of trichinosis, preparation of female specimen.
ML1216 - $8.15
sec. Section through mammalian muscle to show encysted larvae.
ML1217 - $7.15
c.s. Earthworm, section posterior to clitellum.
ML1218 - $9.15
c.s. Selected to show whole setae or portions of setae exiting body wall.
ML1220 - $7.95
c.s. Section to show nephridiopore and portions of nephridium (excretory structure).
ML1221 - $8.15
c.s. Composite, sections through two regions: one through intestinal region, the other showing seminal vesicles and esophagus.
ML1222 - $8.20
c.s. Composite, sections through three regions showing spermary, clitellum and posterior to clitellum.
ML1224 - $5.90
c.s. Section through the body of the worm.
ML1225 - $5.75
w.m. Preparation of representative Hirudinean.
ML1227 - $4.80
w.m. Developmental stage of the freshwater clam or mussel, parasitizes the gills of fish.
ML1229 - $12.90
w.m. Specimen of the common dog tick.
ML1230 - $5.20
w.m. Specimen to show morphology.
ML1231 - $5.50
w.m. The common water-flea.
ML1232 - $4.95
w.m. Nauplius larvae of the brine shrimp, known as the sea-monkey.
ML1233 - $5.00
w.m. Specimen of a common species, usually Cyclops. Copepods are present in virtually all zooplankton assemblages and as primary consumers are a vital constituent of aquatic ecosystems.
ML1235 - $9.15
w.m. Mixed species.
ML1236 - $8.70
w.m. Composite, four types of wings on one slide.
ML1237 - $11.85
w.m. Composite, multiple types of legs on one slide.
ML1238 - $9.20
sec. Stained to demonstrate spermatogenesis and spermiogenesis.
ML1239 - $4.40
w.m. The common garden pest.
ML1240 - $8.65
w.m. Pediculus humanis, for morphology.
ML1241 - $8.50
w.m. Male and female, excellent preparation for comparing the secondary sexual characteristics of the ubiquitous fruit fly.
ML1242 - $34.10
smear. Smear from salivary glands of larva. “Giant” chromosomes with characteristic banding pattern.
ML1243 - $8.05
w.m. Female specimen of the all too common pest. Female possesses proboscis used to extract blood-meal.
ML1244 - $5.25
w.m. dog or cat flea.
ML1245 - $7.75
c.s. Section through sea star ray (arm) to show digestive gland and external structures.
ML1246 - $12.90
w.m. All stages from unfertilized egg to bipinnaria, inclusive.
ML1252 - $10.25
w.m. Preparation of a small specimen.
ML1253 - $18.00
sec. Composite, sections through vestibule, pharynx, intestine, and tail. Useful to show definitive characteristics of the phylum Chordata, which includes the vertebrates.
ML1256 - $4.65
w.m. Isolated scales from the dogfish (Squalus).
ML1260 - $27.55
Four types, w.m. Set of four slides, one of each type of scale described above.
ML1261 - $18.35
sec. Blastodisc, mitotic figures are clearly depicted and numerous, hematoxyln stain.
ML1401 - $26.05
Plants have evolved to exist in an amazing diversity of habitats-all of which present unique demands. This selection of four slides focuses on plant structures adapted to extremes of moisture. Structures are from xerophytic (low moisture) and hydrophytic...
ML1405 - $5.85
w.m. Jawlike appendages used for defense by sea stars and urchins.
ML1376 - $204.95
Covers all of the more commonly studied invertebrate phyla with representative specimens illustrating key taxonomic char- acteristics. Provides the student with an excellent introduction and basic insight into a remarkably diverse group. Amoeba proteus,...
ML1433 - $8.95
w.m. Young specimen, wet mount.
ML1436 - $9.15
Free-swimming stage.
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