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AP9083 - $28.30
Classic AP Requirement #6—Standardization of a Solution Using a Primary Standard Classic AP Requirement #7—Determination of Concentration by Acid-Base Titration, Including a Weak Acid or a Weak Base In this three-part laboratory, a basic solution...
AP6452 - $51.30
Classic AP Requirement #11—Determination of the Appropriate Indicators for Various Acid-Base TitrationsStudents select the appropriate indicators for two titrations—a weak acid solution titrated with a strong base solution and a weak base solution...
AP6690 - $23.95
Is orange juice more acidic than grapejuice What about pineapple juice? Fruit juices get their sweet taste from natural sugars and their sour taste from acids, especially citric acid. The balance of sugar to acid content give fruit juices their refreshing...
AP7247 - $33.05
How do chemists determine the identity of a compound? A variety of analytical techniques and procedures, ranging from classical, wet-chemistry methods to instrumental methods, have been developed to accomplish this important task. In this stoichiometry,...
AP7656 - $43.95
Big Idea 6, Investigation 14, Primary Learning Objective 6.13 Most products we use every day, including food, beverages, medication and cleaning solutions, have acidic and basic properties! A common question chemists have to answer is how much of a...
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