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AP6135 - $12.45
Special multifiber fabric containing strips of wool, acrylic, polyester, nylon, cotton, and acetate. The brilliant color patterns produced by different dyes on the multifiber fabric teach students about the structures of dye and fabric molecules...
AP6166 - $47.75
Introduce the color and excitement of organic chemistry to your students! Watch as a bright yellow dye is oxidized by air to a rich blue color—right before your students' eyes. Indigo, the organic dye used in this lab, was used by the Romans and is...
AP7047 - $26.90
The acid-base indicators phenolphthalein, crystal violet, and bromphenol blue turn various bright colors in basic solutions. Surprisingly, these colors will eventually fade if the solution is too basic! In this technology-based experiment, students...
AP6632 - $64.50
What is your favorite color? Color affects our senses, our moods, even our learning. In this lab activity, students investigate the reaction of five different dyes with a special multifiber fabric containing strips of wool, acrylic, polyester, nylon,...
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