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AP6493 - $26.75
A safe and reliable charge transfer apparatus for your electrostatic experiments. Demonstrate laws of electrostatic induction, generate and store large electrostatic charges, and effectively transfer charges with this classic device. Simply rub the...
AP6328 - $24.15
You'll be shocked by how well this simple, do-it-yourself electroscope works! Large, aluminum-covered foam ball stores static-electric charge better than most commercial electroscopes. A variety of simple electrostatic demonstrations can be performed...
AP7150 - $19.55
Ready to use! Simply hang two pieces of foil from the hook and insert into the flask. This economical electroscope will function precisely for all your student electrostatic investigations, or as a teacher demonstration. Includes Teacher Notes, a reproducible...
AP4631 - $13.90
Insert this simple device into the top of a 250-mL Erlenmeyer flask and you instantly have a flask form electroscope. Start charging the ball terminal by contact or induction and watch the foil leaves respond. A perfect and inexpensive addition to...
AP6480 - $29.90
Demonstrate why it is safe to stay in a car during a lightning storm. Place a discharged flask-form electroscope inside the metal cage. Bring an electrically charged rod near the cage and the electroscope's foil leaves don't move. Charge the cage by...
AP9026 - $24.85
Demonstrate static electricity using a variety of easy-to-use materials. Kit contains three friction rods and pads (silk, flannel, and fur) for creating friction, three balloons, and 10 feet of string. Complete instructions for use are provided.
AP7029 - $131.70
Teach the basic principles of electrostatics using this comprehensive, all-in-one kit that contains all the equipment needed for five demonstrations! • Charging a Flask Form Electroscope—Verify the existence and properties of static electric charge....
AP7632 - $64.95
Your students will get a charge out of these electrostatic lab activities! Four mini-lab stations are set up around the classroom, each a self-contained activity focusing on a specific topic. • Sticky Charges Students investigate positive and negative...
AP8000 - $53.55
AP Physics 2, Big Ideas 1, 3 & 5, Investigation 5Our everyday experiences are filled with contact forces such as friction, tension, and the normal force; but all these interactions are simply electric forces between trillions of particles scaled...
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