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AP4357 - $46.05
The activity of zinc, copper, lead, magnesium and silver are tested. Small amounts of chemicals and metals produce less waste while still producing good results. The students will actually see more reactive metals going into solution while less reactive...
AP6156 - $49.90
“Metal reactivity increases as you move from top to bottom in a family of elements!” Will your students remember this statement if you just tell them? With this lab kit, students are actively involved in seeing and making observations about the properties,...
AP6290 - $34.55
Help students visualize trends in the properties of the elements! Does ionization energy increase going up or down a column in the periodic table? Do atoms get smaller or larger from right to left across a row? Most students have a hard time answering...
AP7414 - $31.70
Reviewing the elements and their positions on the periodic table will be enjoyable for your students with this fun game. Students play in pairs, with each student challenged to find out the mystery element of an opponent who is trying to do the same!...
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