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FB1867 - $79.10
Lab isn't always about getting the “right” answer; it's also about learning to think. The purpose of this inquiry-based lab is to analyze background information, develop a hypothesis, and design and carry out an experiment to determine the optimum...
FB1869 - $61.35
Enzymes are complex proteins that act as biochemical catalysts. In this controlled experiment, students investigate the effects of two enzymes, pectinase and cellulase, on the amount of juice obtained from an apple. Pectinase breaks down pectin-part...
FB2039 - $75.35
Big Idea 4, Investigation 13Enzyme activity—how the rate of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction depends on concentration, pH, temperature, metal ions, etc.—provides the central basis for understanding how enzymes function. Among the thousands of different...
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