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FB0165 - $585.00
Representing a greatly enlarged, complete flower, this 17" x 14" x 10", non-breakable vinyl plastic model teaches the reproductive function of flowers, angiosperm pollination and fertilization. Three petals, four sepals and four stamens...
FB0166 - $147.95
This affordable model accurately depicts the essential parts of a flower. Cross-sectional view shows the process of fertilization from anther to ovary. 18" x 24" high-impact plastic. Includes a detailed activity notebook with lesson plan,...
FB1371 - $79.05
Colorful, budget-priced teaching model made of resilient, non-toxic, damage-proof EVA foam. This rugged foam material allows for hands-on manipulation of the model without concern for breakage or damage. An excellent 3-D visual reference for teaching...
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