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AB1370 - $51.45
An introductory activity for students about to begin the study of biotechnology and electrophoresis. Students become medical forensic investigators as they read a case in which a woman has been attacked or a case where an elderly man has been murdered....
FB1758 - $19.30
Discover the power of DNA profiling (fingerprinting) using this creative simulation. No expensive equipment or chemicals needed! This activity only requires paper and scissors. Students solve a paternity case as they re-create each step of the DNA...
FB0506 - $37.35
A reality-based exploration into identity testing using mitochondrial DNA analysis. Your students play the role of investigators in an abduction case. The fascinating and highly educational simulation combines elements of history, human rights, family...
FB1566 - $112.20
A murder has occurred and DNA samples from various suspects have been collected. Challenge your class to solve the mystery using simulated DNA fingerprinting techniques.With this completely reusable kit, students match “pop bead” DNA fingerprints of...
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