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ML1208 - $7.50
c.s. Parasitic nematode in humans, section through gonads of male.
ML1210 - $12.75
Composite, sections through male and female.
ML1211 - $15.85
sec. Also Parascaris equorum, horse parasite, section through uterus to show meiotic divisions.
ML1213 - $10.00
w.m. Dog hookworm, preparation of female.
ML1215 - $11.00
w.m. Causative agent of trichinosis, preparation of female specimen.
ML1216 - $8.15
sec. Section through mammalian muscle to show encysted larvae.
ML1410 - $41.25
The five slides chosen for this set will allow students to compare and contrast the body plans of flatworms (acoelomate) and roundworms (pseudocoelomate). They can also examine relative adaptations to parasitic vs. free-living existance within groups....
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