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AP6985 - $32.10
These award-winning, precisely tuned percussion tubes are excellent educational devices. Plus, they are just fun to use! Simply bang the tube on a knee or on the floor and you will hear a note from the C major diatomic scale-the longer the tube, the...
AP4616 - $20.05
Simpler alternative to resonant water columns. No need for water and its inevitable mess. A tuning fork is struck and held at the end of an open-ended hollow resonance tube. While listening to the tuning fork, students slide the expandable column until...
AP5703 - $140.20
No need to mess around trying to mount meter sticks when you do your resonance experiments. The glass resonance tube in this superior apparatus is calibrated right on the glass! This direct calibration provides more consistent student data and more...
AP7014 - $126.80
Comprehensive kit consists of five hands-on experiments to explore the properties of waves and sound. • Using springs, students study longitudinal and transverse waves, and learn important concepts such as frequency, amplitude and period. • Observing...
AP6923 - $22.80
Does a vibrating spring produce sounds even when they cannot be heard? Use the Thundering Tube amplifier to find out! Pull or shake the spring attached to the rubber drum attached to one end of the Thundering Tube and you will hear an astonishingly...
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