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ML1000 - $4.00
w.m. Demonstrate the fundamentals of reversal of direction and image with this simple slide.
ML1001 - $4.75
w.m. Threads of three different colors cross each other in a variety of combinations. An effective means of teaching and practicing the concept of focusing on different “planes” of the slide.
ML1002 - $5.60
w.m. Fibers of cotton, linen, silk and wool.
ML1003 - $4.85
w.m. Human, cat, and sheep fibers for comparison.
ML1004 - $3.65
w.m. A new perspective on an everyday substance. Shows the regularity of crystal structure.
ML1005 - $3.90
w.m. A 1/4" square section to illustrate on a microscopic level the fibrous makeup of paper.
ML1006 - $4.40
section. Examine the gross structure of a representative plant cell.
ML1007 - $5.15
sec. A preparation of liver cells from the Congo eel, Amphiuma.  Cell structure is readily seen under low to medium power. Slides prepared from the tissues of this animal are popular at all skill levels due to the unusually large size of its cells....
ML1008 - $5.10
A preparation of mixed bacteria normally found in the mouth. Gram stain.
ML1009 - $4.20
Various species of free-living bacteria including common decomposers.
ML1010 - $5.90
Mixed smear of cocci, bacilli, and spirilli. Gram stained.
ML1011 - $7.25
Separate smears of the three morphological forms. Gram stained.
ML1012 - $6.60
ML1013 - $7.55
ML1014 - $7.60
ML1015 - $7.60
ML1016 - $6.90
ML1017 - $4.55
Smear preparation from culture. The common and occasionally pathogenic endosymbiont.
ML1018 - $6.75
Mixture of free-floating freshwater blue-greens.
ML1019 - $4.55
w.m. Coiled filaments with intercalary heterocysts and akinetes.
ML1020 - $4.50
w.m. Colony-forming cells enclosed in gelatinous sheaths.
ML1022 - $4.40
sec. Section through gelatinous matrix showing colonial filaments with heterocysts.
ML1023 - $4.30
w.m. Portion of nodule showing filaments with intercalary heterocysts.
ML1024 - $4.50
w.m. Unbranched cylindrical filaments.
ML1025 - $4.50
w.m. Distinctive tightly coiled spiral filaments.
ML1026 - $9.50
w.m. Includes Amoeba (Sarcodine), Paramecium (Ciliate), Euglena (Mastigophoran), and others.
ML1027 - $5.90
w.m. Included are both floating and crawling forms with readily visible pseudopods and intracellular structures.
ML1028 - $5.90
w.m. The giant amoeba, with multiple nuclei.
ML1029 - $14.20
smear. Trophozoites of this intestinal parasite, a causative agent of amoebic dysentery.
ML1031 - $5.45
The cleaned shells of several species from oceanic sediments.
ML1032 - $5.30
strew. The ornate skeletons of these protists are a primary constituent of oceanic sediments.
ML1033 - $5.40
w.m. Mixed species.
ML1034 - $3.80
w.m. A number of individuals stained to show large macronucleus and single, small, micronucleus.
ML1036 - $4.70
w.m. This large species has a single macronucleus and several micronuclei.
ML1037 - $13.35
fission, w.m. A large number of individuals with several specimens undergoing fission.
ML1039 - $7.10
w.m. Trumpet-shaped organism with a distinctive beaded nucleus.
ML1040 - $9.60
w.m. Bell-shaped ciliate with a contractile stalk which coils and extends like a spring.
ML1041 - $10.10
w.m. Several individuals of this remarkable predatory ciliate are shown ingesting paramecia in various stages.
ML1042 - $12.80
smear. Red blood cells infected by trophozoites (including ring forms) are clearly visible in this malarial preparation.
ML1044 - $4.25
w.m. Specimens of this unique and difficult-to-classify organism clearly show all major structures.
ML1045 - $4.25
w.m. Single-celled, biflagellate, photosynthetic organism often grouped with the green algae.
ML1049 - $5.70
w.m. Large spherical colonies that may have 1,000 or more cells. Both vegetative and reproductive colonies are shown.
ML1050 - $4.85
sec. Sections of colonies with zygotes present. Volvox differs from the preceding organisms by having specialized reproductive cells.
ML1053 - $5.30
w.m. Preparation of an entire fruiting body, (sporangia).
ML1054 - $7.25
w.m. Preparation of an entire fruiting body (sporangia).
ML1055 - $4.45
w.m. Composite slide of five or more common species.
ML1056 - $4.25
w.m. Small spherical cells, a common symbiont with Paramecium, Hydra, and Poriferans.
ML1057 - $4.65
w.m. Branching filaments made up of large, multinucleate cells.
ML1059 - $6.85
w.m. Common in fresh-water, forms unbranched filaments with distinctive specialized reproductive cells.
ML1061 - $4.50
w.m. Filaments of large species, cells with multiple spiral chloroplasts which are characteristic.
ML1062 - $4.30
w.m. Small species, cells with chloroplasts.
ML1063 - $4.65
w.m. Unbranched, filamentous algae. Vegetative and reproductive filaments present.
ML1065 - $4.80
w.m. Mixed species. Several common forms.
ML1066 - $4.65
w.m. Mixed marine species with protoplasts stained.
ML1067 - $4.25
w.m. Mixed freshwater species with protoplasts stained.
ML1068 - $6.95
sec. Marine species known as rock-weed. Median section of male conceptacle to show ostiole and antheridia.
ML1071 - $8.85
sec. Median section of monoecious specimen with both antheridia and oogonia present.
ML1072 - $8.35
w.m. Marine species, widely distributed. Preparation of branched thallus with tetraspores.
ML1073 - $12.95
w.m. Composite slide to show antheridia, cystocarp (structure with developing spores) and tetraspores.
ML1074 - $8.95
w.m. Sporangial forms of three mold types mounted on one slide.
ML1075 - $5.80
w.m. Bread mold. Mycelium with sporangia.
ML1076 - $5.95
w.m. Mycelium with zygotes.
ML1077 - $4.70
w.m. Brown mold, mycelium with conidiophores bearing sterigmata and spores.
ML1078 - $4.95
w.m. Blue mold, mycelium with conidiophores.
ML1079 - $4.15
w.m. Yeast, both vegetative and budding cells present.
ML1084 - $6.95
c.s. Mushroom, section through entire pileus showing stipe, basidia, and spores.
ML1086 - $7.30
c.s. Section of rotting wood showing advancement of the fungus.
ML1087 - $6.90
w.m. Teased to show algal cells and fungal hyphae in association.
ML1089 - $7.80
l.s. Near median section of antheridium.
ML1090 - $9.20
l.s. Archegonial section selected to show venter and portion of neck.
ML1094 - $13.65
l.s. Life cycle, to show cupule, antheridia, archegonia, and sporophyte.
ML1095 - $6.10
w.m. Preparation to show the filamentous branching structure which develops into the gametophyte.
ML1099 - $9.30
l.s. Section of archegonium to show egg.
ML1101 - $22.40
Life cycle, section of antheridia, archegonia and sporophyte with whole mount of protonema.
ML1104 - $12.45
w.m. Prothallium with both antheridia and archegonia.
ML1105 - $10.00
w.m. Prothallium with young sporophyte.
ML1107 - $7.10
c.s. Section of a typical fern leaflet with sori.
ML1111 - $6.50
c.s. Section of single-needle type leaf.
ML1112 - $6.60
c.s. Section of two-needle leaf.
ML1117 - $4.40
w.m. Preparation of mature, winged pollen.
ML1118 - $6.50
c.s. Typical monocot and dicot stems show variation in arrangement of conductive tissue.
ML1119 - $8.60
c.s. Sections through typical monocot and dicot roots.
ML1120 - $10.60
c.s. Demonstrate leaf anatomy variation with sections from monocot and dicot leaves.
ML1121 - $7.20
w.m. Epidermal layers from representative monocot and dicot leaves.
ML1122 - $6.70
c.s. Comparison between typical monocot and dicot flower buds.
ML1123 - $4.35
c.s. Section of a typical annual dicot stem.
ML1124 - $7.10
c.s. Section of a typical perennial dicot stem of several years' growth.
ML1125 - $8.95
c.s. Sections of both on one slide.
ML1126 - $6.10
c.s. Dutchman's pipe vine, sections of young and older stems on one slide.
ML1128 - $4.55
c.s. Section of herbaceous type stem.
ML1130 - $4.55
c.s. Sunflower, stem with separate bundles.
ML1131 - $6.15
c.s. Young and mature stems on one slide.
ML1137 - $6.90
c.s. Buttercup, section through mature stem.
ML1138 - $9.75
c.s. Sections through mature and immature stems on one slide.
ML1139 - $5.75
c.s. Basswood, section through young stem.
ML1140 - $6.55
c.s. Section through two-year stem.
ML1141 - $10.50
c.s. Composite of one-, two-, and three-year stems and older on one slide.
ML1142 - $9.15
c.s. Sections through representative annual root and perennial root of several years' growth.
ML1144 - $6.85
c.s. Buttercup, mature root with complete metaxylem.
ML1145 - $8.20
c.s. Sections of young and mature roots on one slide.
ML1146 - $6.15
c.s. Basswood, section of woody root.
ML1148 - $11.85
c.s. Composite slide to demonstrate leaf adaptation to environments characterized by varying degrees of moisture.
ML1149 - $5.95
c.s. Creosote bush, section of representative xerophytic leaf.
ML1151 - $5.10
w.m. Stonecrop, preparation of leaf epidermis with stomata.
ML1152 - $6.75
c.s. Lilac, section of leaf and midrid.
ML1153 - $6.95
l.s. Wild sunflower, section to show florets, floral head.
ML1154 - $5.70
c.s. Section through flower bud.
ML1155 - $8.95
l.s. Near-median section through flower bud.
ML1157 - $6.80
c.s. Section through hydrophytic stem.
ML1158 - $8.20
l.s. Non-median section of stem tip to show leaf development.
ML1159 - $6.45
c.s. Section through mature stem.
ML1160 - $5.75
sec. Cross and longitudinal sections through stem, on one slide.
ML1161 - $11.00
c.s. Composite preparation of sections through stem and root for comparison.
ML1162 - $8.70
l.s. Section through root-tip for mitosis, iron-alum hematoxylin and orange stain.
ML1163 - $12.00
l.s. Section through root-tip for mitosis, quadruple stain.
ML1164 - $6.70
l.s. General structure; showing root cap, meristem, and region of elongation.
ML1166 - $6.05
c.s. Mature prop root.
ML1167 - $4.75
w.m. Onion, bulb scale (leaf) epidermis to show simple cell structure.
ML1168 - $5.05
w.m. Leaf epidermis with stomata.
ML1169 - $7.15
c.s. Section through xerophytic (succulent) leaf. Compare to Elodea, ML1170.
ML1170 - $7.10
w.m. Whole mount representative hydrophytic leaf. Compare to Aloe, ML1169.
ML1171 - $6.50
c.s. Section through leaf blade with motor cells.
ML1174 - $7.50
c.s. Section through entire flower bud with anthers showing early sporogenous tissue.
ML1175 - $11.60
c.s. Anthers with first meiotic divisions.
ML1178 - $8.80
l.s. Pollinated stigma and style with pollen tubes.
ML1180 - $4.55
w.m. Mixed types.
ML1184 - $4.95
c.s. Section to show arrangement of canal system and location of choanocytes (collar cells).
ML1185 - $6.75
sec. Composite of cross section and longitudinal section to show body and osculum.
ML1186 - $4.70
w.m. Spicules, free of debris.
ML1187 - $8.10
w.m. Portion of a colony of a simple ascon type sponge.
ML1188 - $4.65
w.m. Several types of both calcareous and siliceous spicules.
ML1189 - $5.05
w.m. Specimen to show foot, stalk, and tentacles with nematocysts.
ML1190 - $5.30
c.s. Section to show dermal layers: entoderm, mesoglea, and ectoderm.
ML1191 - $5.55
w.m. To illustrate asexual reproduction.
ML1192 - $9.05
l.s. Near-median longitudinal section through hypostome and foot.
ML1193 - $8.20
l.s. Near-median section of budding specimen.
ML1194 - $9.25
sec. Composite slide of both cross and longitudinal sections.
ML1195 - $6.60
w.m. Portion of hydroid colony to show vegetative and reproductive polyps.
ML1197 - $5.20
w.m. Carbon “injected” to enhance visibility of digestive tract.
ML1199 - $7.80
w.m. Composite, injected and non-injected on one slide.
ML1200 - $7.85
c.s. Composite of sections through three regions including pharynx and intestinal regions-on one slide.
ML1202 - $17.70
w.m. Outstanding preparation of the Oriental liver fluke, internal anatomy is clearly visible.
ML1203 - $11.05
w.m. Preparation of the sheep liver fluke.
ML1204 - $10.40
sec. Section of mammalian liver infected with eggs.
ML1205 - $39.90
w.m. Scolex, immature, mature, and gravid proglottids.
ML1206 - $10.55
w.m. Mature and gravid proglottids only.
ML1207 - $26.40
w.m. Composite slide of the dog tapeworm to show scolex, immature, mature, and gravid proglottids.
ML1208 - $7.50
c.s. Parasitic nematode in humans, section through gonads of male.
ML1210 - $12.75
Composite, sections through male and female.
ML1211 - $15.85
sec. Also Parascaris equorum, horse parasite, section through uterus to show meiotic divisions.
ML1213 - $10.00
w.m. Dog hookworm, preparation of female.
ML1215 - $11.00
w.m. Causative agent of trichinosis, preparation of female specimen.
ML1216 - $8.15
sec. Section through mammalian muscle to show encysted larvae.
ML1217 - $7.15
c.s. Earthworm, section posterior to clitellum.
ML1218 - $9.15
c.s. Selected to show whole setae or portions of setae exiting body wall.
ML1220 - $7.95
c.s. Section to show nephridiopore and portions of nephridium (excretory structure).
ML1221 - $8.15
c.s. Composite, sections through two regions: one through intestinal region, the other showing seminal vesicles and esophagus.
ML1222 - $8.20
c.s. Composite, sections through three regions showing spermary, clitellum and posterior to clitellum.
ML1224 - $5.90
c.s. Section through the body of the worm.
ML1225 - $5.75
w.m. Preparation of representative Hirudinean.
ML1227 - $4.80
w.m. Developmental stage of the freshwater clam or mussel, parasitizes the gills of fish.
ML1229 - $12.90
w.m. Specimen of the common dog tick.
ML1230 - $5.20
w.m. Specimen to show morphology.
ML1231 - $5.50
w.m. The common water-flea.
ML1232 - $4.95
w.m. Nauplius larvae of the brine shrimp, known as the sea-monkey.
ML1233 - $5.00
w.m. Specimen of a common species, usually Cyclops. Copepods are present in virtually all zooplankton assemblages and as primary consumers are a vital constituent of aquatic ecosystems.
ML1235 - $9.15
w.m. Mixed species.
ML1236 - $8.70
w.m. Composite, four types of wings on one slide.
ML1237 - $11.85
w.m. Composite, multiple types of legs on one slide.
ML1238 - $9.20
sec. Stained to demonstrate spermatogenesis and spermiogenesis.
ML1239 - $4.40
w.m. The common garden pest.
ML1240 - $8.65
w.m. Pediculus humanis, for morphology.
ML1241 - $8.50
w.m. Male and female, excellent preparation for comparing the secondary sexual characteristics of the ubiquitous fruit fly.
ML1242 - $34.10
smear. Smear from salivary glands of larva. “Giant” chromosomes with characteristic banding pattern.
ML1243 - $8.05
w.m. Female specimen of the all too common pest. Female possesses proboscis used to extract blood-meal.
ML1244 - $5.25
w.m. dog or cat flea.
ML1245 - $7.75
c.s. Section through sea star ray (arm) to show digestive gland and external structures.
ML1246 - $12.90
w.m. All stages from unfertilized egg to bipinnaria, inclusive.
ML1252 - $10.25
w.m. Preparation of a small specimen.
ML1253 - $18.00
sec. Composite, sections through vestibule, pharynx, intestine, and tail. Useful to show definitive characteristics of the phylum Chordata, which includes the vertebrates.
ML1256 - $4.65
w.m. Isolated scales from the dogfish (Squalus).
ML1260 - $27.55
Four types, w.m. Set of four slides, one of each type of scale described above.
ML1261 - $18.35
sec. Blastodisc, mitotic figures are clearly depicted and numerous, hematoxyln stain.
ML1263 - $4.10
smear. All cell types shown.
ML1264 - $7.00
sec. Ciliated epithelium from oral mucosa.
ML1267 - $7.00
sec. General structure.
ML1268 - $7.85
c.s. Section to show dorsal root ganglion and portions of spinal nerve roots.
ML1270 - $4.35
smear.   Slides prepared from the tissues of this animal are popular at all skill levels due to the unusually large size of its cells. Preparations that would usually require medium to high power can be viewed under low to medium power. Recommended...
ML1271 - $5.45
c.s. Section through small intestine.   Slides prepared from the tissues of this animal are popular at all skill levels due to the unusually large size of its cells. Preparations that would usually require medium to high power can be viewed under...
ML1278 - $6.80
Contour feather.
ML1280 - $9.95
w.m. Composite of three types, contour, filoplume and down.
ML1281 - $11.90
sec. Special silver preparation. Oil immersion recommended.
ML1282 - $10.15
sec. Prepared from cells of turtle liver. Oil immersion recommended.
ML1283 - $4.85
smear. From human mouth; flat, irregular cells lining the cheek.
ML1284 - $7.15
sec. Section from kidney.
ML1285 - $6.95
sec. Section from intestine.
ML1290 - $8.30
sec. Cornified, section of squirrel foot pad.
ML1291 - $7.85
subcutaneous tissue spread.
ML1292 - $7.65
sec. Human adipose (fat storage) cells.
ML1293 - $11.00
sec. White; cross and longitudinal sections of human tendon.
ML1295 - $8.50
sec. Section from ear, Verhoeff's elastic tissue stain.
ML1296 - $13.85
c.s. Human, Haversian canals, lamellae lacunae, and canaliculi are all visible.
ML1297 - $4.85
Giesma stain, erythrocytes, leukocytes, and platelets well differentiated. 
ML1298 - $5.10
Wright stain. Classic blood stain preparation. Leukocytes and platelets prominent.
ML1299 - $10.20
Smear with sickled red cells and a few normoblasts.
ML1300 - $4.10
Blood smear of rat. Giemsa stain.
ML1301 - $4.10
Blood smear of cat. Giemsa stain.
ML1302 - $20.00
Five separate slides-one each of: fish, frog, turtle, bird, and human. To show variation between the major classes of vertebrates.
ML1303 - $8.30
Macerated preparation to show individual cells.
ML1304 - $6.95
sec. Composite, cross and longitudinal sections from intestine.
ML1305 - $8.50
l.s. Thin sections specifically stained to show the details of the striations.
ML1306 - $6.85
sec. Composite cross and longitudinal sections to show general structure.
ML1307 - $7.90
sec. Section prepared to show intercalated discs.
ML1308 - $8.00
sec. Human heart muscle.
ML1309 - $10.95
sec. Composite; sections of smooth (involuntary), striated (skeletal, voluntary) and cardiac muscle on one slide.
ML1310 - $8.20
c.s. Section of mammalian spinal cord.
ML1311 - $11.15
c.s. Stained to differentiate myelinated and unmyelinated fibers.
ML1313 - $7.95
c.s. Section of human spinal cord.
ML1314 - $9.50
sec. Composite, cross and longitudinal sections on one slide.
ML1315 - $6.80
smear. Prepared from ventral horn of ox spinal cord.
ML1316 - $8.15
sec. Verhoeff's elastic tissue stain, compare to vein preparation below for thickness of muscle layer and proportion of elastic tissue in that layer.
ML1317 - $7.70
sec. Human, primary vessel leading out of (excurrent) the heart.
ML1318 - $8.00
sec. Elastic tissue stain, for general structure and comparison to artery preparation above.
ML1320 - $7.65
c.s. All three shown in a selected tissue section.
ML1321 - $7.60
l.s. Section of entire organ from small mammal.
ML1322 - $8.15
sec. Section from sole of foot.
ML1323 - $13.95
sec. Sections of pigmented and nonpigmented skin.
ML1324 - $8.50
sec. Section showing portions of hair follicles, sebaceous glands, and sweat glands.
ML1325 - $7.75
sec. Section of non-human skin showing several hair follicles cut longitudinally.
ML1327 - $7.65
sec. Section of normal, healthy human lung.
ML1328 - $12.30
sec. Carcinoma of the lung, compare to normal lung ML327.
ML1329 - $7.25
c.s. For general structure.
ML1330 - $8.95
sec. Section to show foliate papilla with taste buds.
ML1331 - $6.80
sec. Section through fundic region.
ML1332 - $7.50
c.s. Section through jejunum (middle region).
ML1333 - $10.25
c.s. Composite, sections through all three regions-duodenum, jejunum, and ileum.
ML1334 - $6.90
sec. Normal, mammalian.
ML1335 - $6.95
sec. Section through normal mammalian liver.
ML1336 - $8.95
sec. Normal, human liver.
ML1337 - $11.25
sec. Section to demonstrate the effects of cirrhosis, often the result of alcoholism.
ML1338 - $6.50
c.s. Section through normal mammalian kidney.
ML1339 - $8.40
sec. Normal human kidney section.
ML1341 - $6.95
sec. Iron hematoxylin stain to show spermatogenesis and spermiogenesis.
ML1344 - $6.80
sec. Section from a young mammal, shows a large number of primary follicles.
ML1345 - $13.95
sec. Selected to show maturing follicle with ovum and cumulus oophorus.
ML1346 - $9.95
sec. Section selected to show corpus luteum.
ML1347 - $6.90
sec. Source of thyroxine, hormone that regulates most metabolic functions.
ML1348 - $6.85
sec. Section for general structure.
ML1349 - $6.95
sec. Section of mammalian pancreas to show cells specialized for the production of insulin-hormone responsible for the regulation of blood glucose levels.
ML1350 - $10.25
sec. 4-16 cells, representative section.
ML1351 - $9.75
sec. Representative section of blastula stage.
ML1352 - $10.85
sec. Sagittal section of yolk plug stage.
ML1372 - $166.75
Selected to include a number of popular slides with key representatives from all five kingdoms. An excellent overview for the beginning biologist and microscopist. Designed to complement General Biology Set B but comprehensive on its own.Bacteria,...
ML1373 - $210.60
A good choice by itself or as a companion to set A. This set includes several slides selected to reinforce fundamental comparisons. A well-chosen array that spans the breadth and diversity of living things. Slime mold, (Stemonitis), fruiting body,...
ML1374 - $204.25
The set contains many of the most frequently designated animal study slides from popular textbooks and laboratory manuals. Representative protists and invertebrates as well as a number of vertebrate histology slides are included. An excellent set....
ML1375 - $234.95
Includes representatives from Protist and Fungi kingdoms, some of which are thought to be evolutionary precursors to the higher plants. Slides are selected to cover all major divisions. Offers slides designed to illustrate detailed anatomy and life...
ML1376 - $204.95
Covers all of the more commonly studied invertebrate phyla with representative specimens illustrating key taxonomic char- acteristics. Provides the student with an excellent introduction and basic insight into a remarkably diverse group. Amoeba proteus,...
ML1390 - $181.25
Illustrating the fascinating diversity and specialization of tissues which comprise the various organ systems of the mammalian body. Preparations have been selected which represent normal human and other mammalian tissues. Special staining techniques...
ML1392 - $24.05
What comparison in biology is more fundamental than that between plants and animals? The slides in this set can be used to take this comparison to a different level-microscopic. Epidermal cells from onion leaf are compared and contrasted with those...
ML1393 - $18.40
At the cellular level, living things can be divided into two basic groups: the prokaryotes-without a distinct nucleus and membrane-bound organelles, and the eukaryotes-cells which do possess a distinct nucleus and membrane bound organelles. In this...
ML1394 - $28.15
Four composite slides selected to vividly illustrate the fundamental differences between those two sub-groups of the flowering plants. Cross sections of stems, roots, leaves, and flower buds contrast vascular tissue-arranged in a ring in dicots and...
ML1395 - $30.70
Acoelomates, pseudocoelomates, eucoelomates, ectoderm, mesoderm and endoderm. In a course surveying the various invertebrate phyla, these words are often used when comparisons are made. This set includes four slides selected to substantiate those comparisons....
ML1396 - $47.00
This set of four slides is selected to introduce and compare and contrast processes which are integral to any study of biology-to say the least! Mitosis-cellular division that results in two identical daughter cells; and meiosis-reduction division,...
ML1399 - $21.85
For newcomers to the microscopic world a five-slide set designed to teach the fundamentals of microscopy and to introduce some basic comparisons. The letter “e” is used to demonstrate reversal of direction and image. Colored threads allow students...
ML1400 - $41.95
The myriad solutions to the reproduction puzzle fall neatly into two divisions-sexual and asexual. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. This five-slide set will help to illuminate the basic differences and provide visual examples for each....
ML1401 - $26.05
Plants have evolved to exist in an amazing diversity of habitats-all of which present unique demands. This selection of four slides focuses on plant structures adapted to extremes of moisture. Structures are from xerophytic (low moisture) and hydrophytic...
ML1402 - $32.70
A morbidly fascinating springboard to some very basic ideas about evolution, parasitism can be a marvelous teaching tool. A few of the mechanisms by which some organisms have evolved to make their living at others' expense are presented here. Plasmodium,...
ML1403 - $31.10
Students from general biology to advanced anatomy and physiology should be familiar with the major types of mammalian tissue. This four-slide set is an excellent way to illustrate that form follows function all the way down to the cellular level. The...
ML1404 - $4.85
c.s. Near-median section of common sea anemone.
ML1405 - $5.85
w.m. Jawlike appendages used for defense by sea stars and urchins.
ML1408 - $72.45
A concise and affordable survey set for introductory biology and life science courses. All of the included slides can be resolved at low to medium (400X) power, and are well suited to beginning microscopists. Paramecium caudatum, w.m.
ML1409 - $79.75
Eight slides to introduce and illustrate concepts of cell division, sexual reproduction, and asexual reproduction. Slides cover “simple” fission, to mitosis (cell division), to meiosis (reduction division and the production of gametes). Mitosis and...
ML1410 - $41.25
The five slides chosen for this set will allow students to compare and contrast the body plans of flatworms (acoelomate) and roundworms (pseudocoelomate). They can also examine relative adaptations to parasitic vs. free-living existance within groups....
ML1411 - $45.20
A microscopic tour of pond life - excellent as a reference for field collections. Organisms selected are common, widely distributed, and relatively easy to identify. Water bloom, w.m. Mixed blue-green algae. Mixed green algae, w.m. Euglena, w.m.
ML1412 - $112.10
Sixteen slides selected to survey the animal world. Emphasis is placed on the invertebrate groups with representative tissue preparations from several vertebrates. All are popular, commonly studied slides that can be resolved at medium power (400X)....
ML1413 - $53.25
Ten slides that provide an introduction to the major classes of algae. By examining representatives from several classes, students will learn that the algae are an extremely heterogeneous group with respect to pigmentation, structure, life history,...
ML1414 - $70.20
Landlocked or coastal, these eleven carefully prepared and selected slides bring the diversity of marine life to your classroom. Slides cover gross and fine structures of representatives from several significant and widely distributed groups. Radiolaria,...
ML1415 - $41.65
A diverse, and too often ignored group that collectively performs the vital ecological role of decomposers. This set of eight slides includes unicellular and multicellular species, and free-living, parasitic, and mutualistic species. Economically beneficial...
ML1416 - $60.00
From basic structure to fascinating details of natural history and life cycles, this set introduces the world of microbes. Careful examination of these slides will instill an excellent framework for further study and identification. Mouth smear, mixed...
ML1417 - $69.20
This twelve-slide set includes many of the most commonly studied representatives from the four major classes of protozoa. Students can compare and contrast parasitic and free-living forms, unicellular and colonial forms, and the remarkable variety...
ML1418 - $41.05
Enhance your students' understanding of the structure and function of the skeletal and muscular systems. Discuss the numerous vital functions performed by these systems-in addition to their providing the framework for movement and posture. Included...
ML1419 - $24.55
Compare the root and stem structures of a representative monocot (Zea mays, corn) and a representative dicot (Ranunculus acris, the buttercup). Root and stem cross sections of each plant comprise the four slides included. Students can closely examine...
ML1420 - $28.65
Examine the similarities and differences among the major groups of protists. The five slides selected include Euglena, a mastigophoran (flagellate); Amoeba proteus, a sarcodine; Stentor, a ciliate; Plasmodium, a parasitic sporozoan; and mixed freshwater...
ML1421 - $24.60
Are they protists, plants, or a little of both? Draw your own conclusions after examining these five slides. Chlamydomonas and Volvox are flagellated protists often grouped with the green algae due to similarities in pigmentation and structure. Ulothrix...
ML1422 - $26.60
Illustrate the life cycle of a non-vascular plant (bryophyte) with this set of slides. Reliance on surrounding water during reproductive phases is a key factor limiting distribution of mosses and other bryophytes. Moss, protonema, w.m. Filamentous...
ML1423 - $31.70
Study the life cycle of ferns with this set of five slides. Ferns are among the more primitive vascular plants-while they possess true roots and stems, they reproduce by spores rather than seeds. Fern, antheridia, w.m. On prothallium. Fern, archegonia,...
ML1424 - $54.75
Fantastic tool for teaching focusing procedures of the microscope. This clever set of six slides has different combinations of vertically stacked colored silk threads. Have students report the correct vertical order of the various slides. The slides...
ML1426 - $20.45
Build students' fundamental compound microscopy skills using this beautiful slide set. Includes five of the most common introductory slides: newsprint letter “e,” colored threads, natural fibers, three hair types, and salt crystals. See...
ML1433 - $8.95
w.m. Young specimen, wet mount.
ML1432 - $25.65
Smear. From culture of blood.
ML1431 - $25.65
Smear. From culture of blood.
ML1436 - $9.15
Free-swimming stage.
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