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FB0517 - $10.20
Cage litter and bedding ideal for all small mammals. Produced from all-natural pine shavings, processed to reduce dust and debris. The natural pine oil effectively suppresses microorganisms and masks odors-providing a clean, fresh aroma and a healthy...
FB0698 - $11.20
An ultra-absorbent cage litter for all types of reptiles. Litter is heat treated to eliminate infectious bacteria and parasites. Derived from a renewable, annually harvested plant, it is completely non-toxic and easily digested when swallowed. Use...
FB1352 - $7.95
Stack your animal bedding material on a shelf-dry, sanitary, and compacted until you need it. When needed, just add water and nature does the rest. This 8" x 4" “brick” of super-compressed bedding expands in water and produces enough bedding...
AB1415 - $4.15
The state of the art in earthworm culture! All the materials necessary for maintaining healthy worms are included. An insulated, eight quart container with built-in ventilation plugs maintains proper temperature and prevents suffocation. The worm bedding...
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