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ML1167 - $4.75
w.m. Onion, bulb scale (leaf) epidermis to show simple cell structure.
ML1168 - $5.05
w.m. Leaf epidermis with stomata.
ML1169 - $7.15
c.s. Section through xerophytic (succulent) leaf. Compare to Elodea, ML1170.
ML1170 - $7.10
w.m. Whole mount representative hydrophytic leaf. Compare to Aloe, ML1169.
ML1171 - $6.50
c.s. Section through leaf blade with motor cells.
ML1174 - $7.50
c.s. Section through entire flower bud with anthers showing early sporogenous tissue.
ML1175 - $11.60
c.s. Anthers with first meiotic divisions.
ML1178 - $8.80
l.s. Pollinated stigma and style with pollen tubes.
ML1180 - $4.55
w.m. Mixed types.
ML1419 - $24.55
Compare the root and stem structures of a representative monocot (Zea mays, corn) and a representative dicot (Ranunculus acris, the buttercup). Root and stem cross sections of each plant comprise the four slides included. Students can closely examine...
ML1131 - $6.15
c.s. Young and mature stems on one slide.
ML1137 - $6.90
c.s. Buttercup, section through mature stem.
ML1138 - $9.75
c.s. Sections through mature and immature stems on one slide.
ML1139 - $5.75
c.s. Basswood, section through young stem.
ML1140 - $6.55
c.s. Section through two-year stem.
ML1141 - $10.50
c.s. Composite of one-, two-, and three-year stems and older on one slide.
ML1142 - $9.15
c.s. Sections through representative annual root and perennial root of several years' growth.
ML1144 - $6.85
c.s. Buttercup, mature root with complete metaxylem.
ML1145 - $8.20
c.s. Sections of young and mature roots on one slide.
ML1146 - $6.15
c.s. Basswood, section of woody root.
ML1148 - $11.85
c.s. Composite slide to demonstrate leaf adaptation to environments characterized by varying degrees of moisture.
ML1149 - $5.95
c.s. Creosote bush, section of representative xerophytic leaf.
ML1151 - $5.10
w.m. Stonecrop, preparation of leaf epidermis with stomata.
ML1152 - $6.75
c.s. Lilac, section of leaf and midrid.
ML1153 - $6.95
l.s. Wild sunflower, section to show florets, floral head.
ML1154 - $5.70
c.s. Section through flower bud.
ML1155 - $8.95
l.s. Near-median section through flower bud.
ML1157 - $6.80
c.s. Section through hydrophytic stem.
ML1158 - $8.20
l.s. Non-median section of stem tip to show leaf development.
ML1159 - $6.45
c.s. Section through mature stem.
ML1160 - $5.75
sec. Cross and longitudinal sections through stem, on one slide.
ML1161 - $11.00
c.s. Composite preparation of sections through stem and root for comparison.
ML1162 - $8.70
l.s. Section through root-tip for mitosis, iron-alum hematoxylin and orange stain.
ML1163 - $12.00
l.s. Section through root-tip for mitosis, quadruple stain.
ML1164 - $6.70
l.s. General structure; showing root cap, meristem, and region of elongation.
ML1166 - $6.05
c.s. Mature prop root.
ML1400 - $41.95
The myriad solutions to the reproduction puzzle fall neatly into two divisions-sexual and asexual. Both have their advantages and disadvantages. This five-slide set will help to illuminate the basic differences and provide visual examples for each....
ML1087 - $6.90
w.m. Teased to show algal cells and fungal hyphae in association.
ML1089 - $7.80
l.s. Near median section of antheridium.
ML1090 - $9.20
l.s. Archegonial section selected to show venter and portion of neck.
ML1094 - $13.65
l.s. Life cycle, to show cupule, antheridia, archegonia, and sporophyte.
ML1095 - $6.10
w.m. Preparation to show the filamentous branching structure which develops into the gametophyte.
ML1099 - $9.30
l.s. Section of archegonium to show egg.
ML1101 - $22.40
Life cycle, section of antheridia, archegonia and sporophyte with whole mount of protonema.
ML1104 - $12.45
w.m. Prothallium with both antheridia and archegonia.
ML1105 - $10.00
w.m. Prothallium with young sporophyte.
ML1107 - $7.10
c.s. Section of a typical fern leaflet with sori.
ML1111 - $6.50
c.s. Section of single-needle type leaf.
ML1112 - $6.60
c.s. Section of two-needle leaf.
ML1117 - $4.40
w.m. Preparation of mature, winged pollen.
ML1118 - $6.50
c.s. Typical monocot and dicot stems show variation in arrangement of conductive tissue.
ML1119 - $8.60
c.s. Sections through typical monocot and dicot roots.
ML1120 - $10.60
c.s. Demonstrate leaf anatomy variation with sections from monocot and dicot leaves.
ML1121 - $7.20
w.m. Epidermal layers from representative monocot and dicot leaves.
ML1122 - $6.70
c.s. Comparison between typical monocot and dicot flower buds.
ML1123 - $4.35
c.s. Section of a typical annual dicot stem.
ML1124 - $7.10
c.s. Section of a typical perennial dicot stem of several years' growth.
ML1125 - $8.95
c.s. Sections of both on one slide.
ML1126 - $6.10
c.s. Dutchman's pipe vine, sections of young and older stems on one slide.
ML1128 - $4.55
c.s. Section of herbaceous type stem.
ML1130 - $4.55
c.s. Sunflower, stem with separate bundles.
ML1421 - $24.60
Are they protists, plants, or a little of both? Draw your own conclusions after examining these five slides. Chlamydomonas and Volvox are flagellated protists often grouped with the green algae due to similarities in pigmentation and structure. Ulothrix...
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