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FB0477 - $98.50
The unique growth chambers in this kit enable students to view plants thriving in a nutrient solution and not in soil. They will compare the growth phases of five different plants and also experiment with induced nitrogen and iron deficiencies. This...
FB1231 - $63.50
Students will compare hydroponically grown plants with plants grown in soil. They will be amazed as they watch plants grow without soil! In their experimentation they will also study the effects of missing macro- and micro-nutrients. Pre-mixed nutrient...
FB1675 - $28.15
No more guesswork and no more complicated mixing of chemicals to produce a complete hydroponics nutrient solution. This all-purpose nutrient solution has everything your plants need for larger, healthier growth in any hydroponics apparatus. Get faster...
FB1680 - $115.70
A simple, inexpensive method to introduce hydroponics gardening into the classroom. This compact system is so small it will fit just about anywhere-on a bench, a shelf, table, or on a window ledge. Enjoy the ease and fun of hydroponics gardening in...
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