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AP1887 - $15.35
Four steps enable you to fill a pipet, up to 25 mL in size, while only manipulating the safety pipet filler and avoiding dangerous solutions. The steps are: insert the pipet in the device; let out bulb air; suck in liquid; empty the pipet. The bulb...
AP7082 - $20.95
End the frustration of trying to find the correct pipet bulb. The same type of pipet filler is used in the medical field. This easy-to-use pipet filler has a graduated insertion point that fits 1-mL to 25-mL pipets.
AP8748 - $13.55
Do you pipet often? Are you frustrated with uncontrollable rubber bulbs? Stop trying your patience and use the Pipet Helper. This unique device is fast, efficient and offers very accurate one-handed control of pipeting. Fits glass or plastic pipets...
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