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AP1955 - $10.40
The Gyroscope has been a classic educational toy for generations. It will fascinate your students with its mysterious force that seems to defy gravity. The included Chem Fax discusses the mystery behind the Gyroscope.
AP6038 - $79.00
A gyroscope is more than just a toy, it is a key in the safe operation of planes, boats, and other devices. Demonstrate these practical applications to your students. This versatile kit allows the demonstration of both gyroscope stability and precession....
AP6170 - $51.35
Demonstrate the properties of centripetal force. Confidently swing a filled “wine” glass in dizzying overhead circles as you discuss forces, rotational motion, and gravity. A simple pendulum is included that can be used to deduce the forces acting...
AP7031 - $32.30
How do you make a waiter's tray that won't spill? Use centripetal force, of course! Students build “Greek waiter's” trays to examine the important concepts of centripetal force, friction and Newton's laws of motion. When they place a cup of water in...
AP7362 - $37.80
Rounding a curve too fast on a bike or in a car can be dangerous! Determine the maximum speed an object can safely travel along a curved path under various conditions by analyzing the effects of the radius of a curve, banking the curve, and friction...
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