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AP1053 - $18.75
Mortars have pouring spout.
AP1054 - $21.10
Mortars have pouring spout.
AP6066 - $8.45
This low-cost mortar and pestle set performed quite well in our laboratory tests. The mortar has a capacity of 65 mL and a pour spout for easy dispensing. Recommended for general laboratory use at the high school level.
AP8260 - $18.35
Glazed to grinding surface, pestle only.
AP8261 - $19.40
Glazed to grinding surface, pestle only.
AP8262 - $21.65
Glazed to grinding surface, pestle only.
AP7704 - $25.20
An excellent quality mortar and pestle set at an affordable price! Durable mortar has thick walls with even glazing around the outside. Pouring spout allows for simple and safe dispensing. Pestle is partially glazed for smooth handling. An outstanding...
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