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AP7000 - $48.95
Clearly demonstrate simple harmonic motion and the conservation of energy with this large, easy-to-see pendulum setup. Students will unmistakably see the pendulum swing evenly from side to side in simple harmonic motion. Use the Flinn PSworks Photogate...
AP7002 - $113.35
Wow-look at that marble roll! This fun, hands-on equipment allows students to perform experiments on a roller coaster without leaving the classroom. Students will gain a clear understanding of the conservation of energy, potential energy, kinetic energy,...
AP7071 - $98.05
Two-in-one dynamics apparatus! Using the PSworks Photogate Timer, students record the transit times of a marble at different positions along the marble ramp. A convenient catcher at the bottom of the ramp stops the ball after each trial. A second experiment...
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