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FB1857 - $19.65
Students know that the stomach contains acid and that too much acid may cause heartburn. Use this fascinating demonstration to show students the biology and chemistry of how an antacid alleviates heartburn. With a little help from MOM-milk of magnesia-and...
AP6692 - $22.15
Demonstrate the properties of proteins and the effect of pH on protein solubility with this colorful and reversible activity. Proteins contain many acidic and basic groups that have different structures at different pH values. When acids and bases...
FB1570 - $64.15
Intestinal gas-not a very pleasant thought! Gas can be a big problem for those who lack the enzymes to digest certain foods. Do products that advertise to eliminate this problem really work? This demonstration kit shows an over-the-counter enzyme Lactaid™...
FB2015 - $70.95
Welcome to the exciting world of proteins and enzymes! Demonstrate the diverse scientific studies encompassing the chemical processes of living things. Essential life processes that may be understood using biochemical principles include cell signaling,...
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